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Web Consultation


Experience. Guidance. Reliability.

At Axionix, we believe in more than just creating a near-term solution. We strive to create and implement lasting change for companies large and small. Our experts are available to help structure the foundation of a company's portfolio, from product development and prototype fabrication to scalable manufacturing and marketing. Click below to learn more about our consulting services.

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Nimble. Focused.

Axionix engineering services produce unparalleled results for our clients. From mechanical and electrical projects to system engineering challenges, we have the experience and proven performance to provide the best solutions for the toughest projects.



Quality. Scalable. Contractible.

Our manufacturing process is held to the highest standard. We believe in full transparency with our customers and within our team. For that reason, our production process includes many rigorous practices and procedures to ensure quality and consistency. Click below to learn more. 



Knowledge. Patience. Risk Aversion.

We collaborate closely with founders throughout all the investment and fundraising stages. To understand the type of companies and sectors we typically work with, ask us about some of our current and past investments.

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